BCBA Supervision and Consultation

Whether you’re seeking fieldwork supervision, ABA parent training, or consultation as a new BCBA, The ABA Guide has you covered. Services at The ABA Guide are not about simply fulfilling supervision hours or getting some tips and tricks. It’s about having someone in your corner when times get tough. It’s normal to feel lost on your journey to becoming a BCBA or as a parent trying to get your child the help they need, which is why having a guide who is easy to talk to and always there to help can help you get through whatever challenges you face.

ABA Guide


Field Work Supervision

Get online supervision and guidance to earn your BCBA, BCaBA or QABA certification

  • Get live and in the moment supervision and feedback during your sessions
  • Practice completing client intakes
  • Get training on choosing and conducting various assessments
  • Get experience writing treatment programs 
  • Learn how to choose and create effective data collection systems
  • Develop parent training skills
  • Learn how to be an effective supervisor and provide feedback
  • Work on problem solving skills 
  • Explore various specialty areas (i.e. feeding, toileting, FCT, social skills, etc.) 
  • Learn how to track progress and make data-based decisions

Parent Coaching

Get coached and trained on fundamental ABA techniques

  • Gain an understanding of the basic principles of ABA
  • Develop a better understanding of how behaviors are learned
  • Discover the power of reinforcement
  • Learn strategies that can help prevent challenging behaviors
  • Learn how to positively pair with your child

Tarek Ascar, M.S.— Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and I have been working with children with developmental disabilities for over 15 years. I began my career in Cairo, Egypt as a therapist in a center for children with autism. I knew instantly after starting my career in this field that this was the place for me. Soon after I earned my Masters Degree in Massachusetts, USA while working in a school for children with autism. After graduating I moved to New York where I became certified as a BCBA in 2014. While in New York I held several positions, including the Director of Residential Clinical Services, Behavior Intervention Specialist for adult group homes, and a Behavior Analyst for in-home and school-based therapy for children. In 2022 I moved back to Egypt, where I continue to provide ABA services to families in need as well as supervise future BCBAs.

BCBA since 2014

Tarek Ascar, M.S.— Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I am a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and I have been working with children with developmental disabilities for over 17 years. As a BCBA I specialize in autism intervention and supporting individuals cross the spectrum. I help parents address behavior challenges, communication, and daily living skills. I support clinicians, therapists, caregivers, and parents with the latest research in ABA techniques. As a clinical director at Eden II in New York, I reshaped rehabilitation services for adults in group homes by introducing new assessment methods and program implementation strategies. At In Bloom Autism Services, in Miami, Florida, I focused on assisting families with children by developing comprehensive intervention plans that greatly reduced severe behaviors and facilitated the development of essential life skills, enabling young children to reach critical developmental milestones. Currently at Behmen Hospital, in Egypt, I’ve established a tailored ABA program, helping individuals reach their potential by decreasing challenging behaviors such as aggression and self-injury, while also focusing on developing life skills and enhancing their ability to communicate effectively.

BCBA since 2014

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